The Swarm

People who have tried our Honeybear Surf Wax share their stories here.

"I use Honeybear Surf Wax for my cold water sessions and it works really well, nice and sticky, gives me the grip we all need/expect out of a surf wax.  
I like the fact that it's all-natural, homegrown, hand-made and better for the environment...and the Honeybear Honey is delicious!
Keep paddling!"
- Jon King 
“Hey my name is Doug, I live and surf here on the Central Coast. Was a bit skeptical of the Honeybear Wax at first, but after using it after a couple sessions I love the stuff. Here we wear booties a lot, so I barely had to rub any of the bee wax for a really good stick feel - that lasted the entire session, and even after really. Just had to take a light comb to it the next day for plenty of stick. I applied the wax more liberally another board and it ended up being too much with booties. Can’t wait to try out the warm water formula, as you want as much stick as you can get for as long as possible. I noticed a lot of traditional wax lose its grip fast in warm water, where you just can’t get enough stick.”
"The wax works great and I love to help support local beekeepers, try the honey too - it's very yummy "
- Jeff Swarts

I have been surfing for the past 20 years and have grown accustomed to using the name brand and well-known surf wax. Recently my wife and I began opening our own Art Gallery and Boutique where we sell Fine Art along with Custom Surfboards. Because of this venture I was inspired to find a one of a kind, made in the USA product that surfers could use in leu of the normal synthetic surf wax on the market. What I found was truly a gem! Honeybearsurf wax is just that, a one of a kind, made in the USA, high quality product for surfers that additionally goes the extra mile in preserving our environment. It truly is a different kind of feeling knowing that the wax I am using now significantly helps in making sure the ocean I love is around that much longer! I highly recommend Honeybearsurf wax for all of those surfers out there wanting to do a little more in taking care of the waves they love.

-Matthew Sims